In This Blog, You Will Meet

So, I figure in this blog I’ll be banging on about my family a bit, so I’d better give them some names.  As this is the big and scary internet, names have been changed to protect the innocent.

So. In this blog, you will meet:

“Mr Knightley”, my handsome husband;
“Matilda”, my seven-year-old daughter;
“Christopher Robin”, my five-year-old son;
“Harry”, my two-year-old son; and
“Annie”, my baby girl (currently eight months old)

via In This Blog, You Will Meet.


2 thoughts on “In This Blog, You Will Meet

  1. Monica

    Don’t forget names for all your brothers and sisters! I seem to recall a Brady Brunch reference the other day. Nice. Just watch out for flying footballs Marsha… wouldn’t want to break your nose!


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