Awards a go go!

I’m feeling a little spoiled at the moment.  The lovely KeKe at Off the Hook has nominated me for a Liebster Award.

liebster award

And, just as I was getting my head around this wonderful fact, the delightful Angelphilipp nominated me for six more awards:

The Versatile Blogger Wonderful Team Membership AwardOne Lovely Blog Award Super Sweet Blogging Award Seed of Light AwardAwesome Blog Content Award

So here’s how I’m going to deal with this haul of awardy goodness:

1. Thank the people who nominated me and link back to their blog

2. Share seven things about myself

3. Nominate seven bloggers to receive the awards

4. Let them know they’ve won by sending them a message

Here goes:

1.  Thank you so much, Keke and angelphilipp for nominating me.  Your blogs are both so lovely to look at and a constant source of hooky and handmade inspiration to me.  These awards are going straight to the pool room.

2. Here are seven things about me:

2.1 I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I love being in the centre of attention.  It probably comes from spending most of my childhood around a noisy dinner table devising ingenious ways to get a word (or fifty) in.  I can’t get enough of it.  The larger the group of people hanging on my every word the better.  Hence, this blog, I think.
2.2 After much heartache, money and two years of living in a two-bedroom unit with no backyard, we have built our house.  It is so blissful to finally have our own home and do homey things like have friends over for coffee, bake cakes, and dig in the garden.  Life is good.
2.3 This is linked to the first one, but I find it hard to keep up with a single linear conversation.  It takes so much concentration.  I’d much rather have five conversations at once, all spilling over the top of each other.  That’s what a typical dinner with my family looks like.
2.4 I love rules.  I love reading about grammar and etiquette so I can know what the rules are.  I’m a pathological good girl.  I like to think I have a sense of morality evolved beyond basic rule-following, that I follow an innate set of principles independent of local authority, but I’m not so sure.  If you make me cross the road when the green man isn’t there, I go a little nutso…
2.5 I love this blog so much and I am in great danger of becoming a blog bore, if I’m not already one.  Whenever somebody says they’ve read one of my posts, I just about fall over with excitement and then try to nonchalantly pump them for feedback.  If someone else sails in and hijacks the topic of conversation before they reply, I give them a death stare.
2.6 Almost all my siblings are abandoning me.  I don’t know what I did wrong.  Greg, as I may have mentioned, lives in Japan; Jan has now left for Singapore and then Europe (and then Africa, but that comes later); Bobby has gone to Europe as well (he’s in Paris at the moment, and I’m trying very hard not to feel jealous); and soon Cindy will leave for Cambodia.  For a while, it will only be Peter and myself in the country (maybe it was his fault?).  But on the bright side, it will give me some very exotic blog statistics!
2.7 I don’t know if you’ve already picked this up from my writing, but I love a numbered list.  This feels right.

3. And here are my seven blogs:

3.1 Little Poppits “a crazy mix of a whole bunch of stuff” – LP, or ‘Pop’, as I sometimes call her, was one of the first people to comment on my blog who wasn’t also my mother.  Reading her blog feels like sitting at her (restored vintage) kitchen table with a cup of tea and chatting about chickens and craft.
3.2  Papa  Angst Papa is a stay-at-home dad and a great writer who always makes me laugh and nod.
3.3  Random Dreams of Grandeur  This is a new blog I’ve just discovered.  Random (AKA Maggie) shares her journey as she prepares for a frugal wedding (self-catered!).  I was the first-ever person to comment on this blog and it really deserves more comments, so go pay a visit and write something!
3.4  Make a Choice  This is a fantastic resource for those wanting to shop ethically but not knowing where to start.  I know the author of this blog in real life, too, and she’s really lovely.
3.5  Roar Sweetly Full of great ideas and funny stories and tips to help you in the frugalympics
3.6  DiscomBUBulated Always a great read, this is a breezy, chatty blog but with heart as well.
3.7  Pretty Little Things in a Box Full of lovely patterns and craft ideas, this blog is just so pretty to look at.

And that’s it!  Thank you again, Keke and Angelphilipp for nominating me.  Now I’m off to put a shelf up in my blog to display these beautiful awards!


3 thoughts on “Awards a go go!

  1. Roar Sweetly

    Thank you so much for nominating my blog, I feel very honoured! I loved reading through your list. It seems we have a little in common. I am also a rule follower and love to be on time…I really hate being late (unless I’m planning to be late). I come from a large family with loads of siblings, agree that lists are fabulous and I too remember the angst of living in a cramped little 2-bedroom flat. Now I live in a cramped little 3-bedroom house LOL well that’s living in inner west Sydney for you! Thanks again…will visit the other blogs you nominated this week.

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