Nothing Post

Free Aldi flowers - still going after 2 weeks!

This is just a nothing post.  I want to write something sparkling and profound for you, but I don’t think I can manage it today.  So this is a nothing post.  I miss you, dear reader, and I want to connect, there are plenty of topics I want to write about, but they’re difficult and I just can’t get the shape of them today.  Maybe we can just sit at my virtual kitchen table (that’s where I always imagine us to be, you see) and stare out the window together.

Perhaps if I write this, then whatever I write next won’t have all the pressure and expectation of a two-week break on its shoulders.  It can just be an ordinary post, not a Triumphant Return to Blogworld.

Ugh.  Annie’s crying.  She was supposed to sleep for longer!  Thank you for sharing this nothing time with me.  With any luck, I’ll be back soon with something of substance to say!


17 thoughts on “Nothing Post

  1. Monica

    Our nothing time together at your virtual kitchen table was awesome. I especially enjoyed the choc-coated honeycomb we shared. If only they were virtual calories…

  2. Fiona Breen

    Hi Kate, So, so lovely to run into you at the shops yesterday, and have a laugh over our meat saving (don’t forget to freeze) tips. And guess what? I ended up cooking up the whole 24 snags for only 3 people who would eat them……Mental note, put in the most obvious place in the fridge…not in the crisper- out of sight from the posh visitor who might have spotted not only ALDI sausages, but reduced ones at that! Looking forward to hearing some more stories, and no pressure from me. It’s like a little bit of Christmas when I see one of your posts in my in-box. Can we say that this story telling started with the ‘bad mother’ stories we shared at mothers group many moons ago?. Love to you, Fi

  3. In The Boon Docks

    Well coffee, cream and sugar here! I’ll bring cupcakes! We all have periods that we disappear to deal with life! Just jump back in with both feet and the other bloggers will help hold you up! Who am I, just a drop in from a pretty button from another bloggers site. So, I guess you could say I dropped in for coffee, cupcakes, and a little chit chat. I am sorry for your loss.

  4. emilyofoldmoon

    I just ate a real cupcake while reading this post and then also partook in some virtual cupcakes, honeycomb and club sandwiches that I brought to the table. I’m rather full now. I’m going to go for a virtual jog and then have a virtual shower. I feel like I’m becoming a character from the sims. Thank you for the company and lovely view! I’ve missed this! xoxo

  5. the mmmmm family

    This post made me smile. I’ve been ‘away’ so have only just seen it. If it’s not too late I have some soya hot chocolate and dark chocolate and beetroot cake to share, it’s not GF but I can make some cupcakes for you? I’m incredibly good at sitting and staring out of windows in fact it’s my speciality 🙂


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