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emily and me

Around this time last year, I started toying with the idea of starting a blog.  I was enjoying writing to my family about all my ‘fail’ stories in our group email conversations that keep us close even when thousands of kilometres apart.  Every time I shared one of these anecdotes, my sister Jan would pester me:  “you should start a blog.  A blog.  Start a blog, Kate.  A blog.  Do it.”

When I did set up my blog, and published a few tentative posts, Jan was one of my loudest cheerleaders.  She would regularly comment, put links to choice posts on her facebook page and often say to people “have you read Kate’s blog?”.  If it wasn’t for this constant affirmation from Jan (and others, including my mum), I might have given up on blogging in the first month.

Now we come to the exciting part: after much nagging from me, Jan has started her own blog!  It’s called Emily of Old Moon, (she insists on calling herself ‘Emily’, the name her parents gave her when she was born, and not the fictional Brady Bunch name I assigned her in this blog.  I know: weird.)  and while it purports to be a travel blog (she’s in England at the moment), in reality it is much more.  Humour, philosophy, quirkiness, tenderness, photography, music, misadventure and fun combine in this warm and fresh bread roll – er – I mean, blog.

So please take a look and leave a comment.  I miss her and can’t give her a hug, but if I introduce her to some of my favourite people in blog land, then that is kind of the same, perhaps.


7 thoughts on “Jan’s Blog

  1. Amy @ Love and Be Loved

    You are so sweet and kind to encourage your sister. I’ve visited her blog and it is lovely. You all have a great sense of humor and wit and your posts are enjoyable, always bringing a smile…

  2. emilyofoldmoon

    THANK YOU!! Marcia Marcia Marcia! I love being the captain of your cheer squad. I get such a thrill whenever I see that there is a post of yours that I am yet to read! Your blog has made me laugh and cry, you are a virtuoso in playing my heart strings. Virtuoso ‘in’, or ‘of’? I also love having you as my grammar coach!

    Oh and I so love our dresses in this photo. Mum, I love you. Hahaha

  3. Eileen Gail

    my big sister did the same for me and stared me on a blog, how wonderful is sisterly love, i’m not sure what i’m doing, but i really like what you are doing, you are alot like me. thanks for commenting on my blog, i will follow yours.


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