Happy Blogiversary!!

pom poms

Can you believe it?  Laptop on the Ironing Board is a year old today!  On this day last year, I tentatively uploaded some awkwardly worded posts and reshaped some humorous anecdotes that began their life as family emails.  Back then, the blog was called “James James Morrison Morrison”, but I got tired of spelling it out for people, so it quickly changed to “Laptop on the Ironing Board”.  It wasn’t long at all before I was totally addicted to blogging.  It’s still my favourite thing to do.  And now that my blog is having a birthday, it’s time for some serious celebration!

Matilda's Bed Cake

Blog Candy!!!

I’m going to have a little giveaway to celebrate this blogiversary, but I haven’t quite got the booty ready to photograph.  I want to raffle off some gifts to thank you for being such delightful readers.  I’ll have another post up this week to tell you all about it.  Sorry for my lack of organisation!

Gorgeous Bunting

What’s that?  A gift for me?  Oh, shucks, you don’t have to get my blog anything!  But if you insist, what my blog would most like for a birthday present is some new readers.

Laptop on the Ironing Board Birthday Gift Registry (choose one, if you like):

  • Think of someone you know who might like this blog and tell them about it (or email them a link).  This might be your hairdresser, your child’s teacher, your parish priest, your mums group, your maternal and child health nurse or the lady at the post office.
  • Share a link to your favourite post on your Facebook page (or Twitter or other new-fangled social media I’m too un-hip to know about).  This is a good one, because the person is already online when they get the link.
  • “Like” Laptop on Facebook
  • Put Laptop on your blog roll (and let me know so I can put you on mine)


Vital Statistics

Finally, I thought I’d share some fun (well, fun for me) stats with you:

53 Posts (counting this one)

284 Followers (and I love you all)


and 463 comments

from 75 different countries

The most hits I got in one day was a whopping 233.  This happened when my friend promoted my blog on her Facebook page.  I couldn’t stop smiling all week after that.

fake cupcakes

Thank You, I Love Youse

So, thank you so much, dear readers for taking the time to read and engage with me.  You are what makes this such a joyful and affirming experience.  Every time you leave a comment, I just about fall over myself with glee.  You make writing exciting.  You really do.


20 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary!!

  1. Monica

    I enjoy stalking you by reading your blog. Not quite as good as sitting around your kitchen table for a good chat, but I’ll take what I can get. Thanks for sharing!

    So… 53 posts huh? Does this mean you are super organised and have written one post per week for a whole year, and this post counts as the first one for the next year? There is a high probability I am over-analysing this.

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      I was struck by the number as well! I definitely am not that organised, but it’s true that I get a little fidgety if I go for more than a week without posting anything. Some weeks I’ve posted more than one post and some times I’ve gone for more than a week without posting. I love that it worked out to be a perfect average! Thanks for your comment, and for all your lovely comments – they really do make my day!

  2. kw06

    It’s been a delight to share this year with you. It’s hard to imagine all those countries being involved. I love reading Laptop and look forward to reading many more tales.

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  4. emilyofoldmoon

    Oh yay! I have just caught up on this. SO proud of you, makes my heart soar to think of the joy you get from blogging-and also the abundance of joy you give me and your many followers! Hooray 🙂 love love love you!


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