I Want Candy!

As you may know, my humble blog turned one on Monday.  In honour of this momentous occasion, and because I want to thank you for being such faithful and engaged readers, I’m having a BLOG CANDY GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you want to see the loot?


Here are some blue bells similar to the ones I used to yarnbomb Bells Beach;


And here are some snowflakes, similar to the ones I stressed out about last year, including a star snowflake, which is my one-and-only original pattern published on this site.


Aaahhh…if only this blog had smell-o-vision!  Here is a delectable soap made by my dear friend whom I will call Pippi.  It’s hand-made from all-natural materials and really makes your skin feel nice.  I hear it’s good for those with allergies too.  Plus it smells amazing.  And I have a thing about smells (there are many fragrances I can’t stand.  If Mr Knightley buys scented baby wipes or scented toilet paper, I throw a small temper tantrum)

swap cards

Finally, here are some fun educational swap cards about Australian animals.  Our supermarket gives these out with each purchase, so this part of the prize is really only for an international winner – I’m pretty sure if you’re Australian, you have enough of them floating about!


And here we have the complete prize haul.  As you can see, I made a rather lame attempt to fashion the loot into the shape of a Christmas tree, but didn’t think about the position of the sun, hence the lovely shadow.  Plus, can you see the alluring glimpse of t-shirt at the bottom of the photo?  Pure photographic genius!

So, would you like to get your hands on all this sugary goodness?  Here’s how you can do it:

1. Follow this blog, or like the FB page, if you haven’t done so already

2. Leave a comment after this post – you don’t have to write anything profound, but it will act as your virtual raffle ticket

I will give each commenter a number and use a random number generator to pick the winner.  I will draw the winner at 12:30pm next Thursday November 14 and notify the winner by email (so make sure you don’t use a fake address).  You don’t have to be a regular reader to enter, so feel free to tell your friends and family to put their names in the hat too.

A note to my male readers – I’m sorry this prize is a bit girly, but if either of you were to win, you could use the prize as gifts, so please enter just the same!


56 thoughts on “I Want Candy!

  1. kw06

    I think your gifts are delightful and the Christmas Tree is not at all lame. How easily has Christmas slipped into our conversations, where has the year gone? Thank goodness we had ‘Laptop’ to keep us company.

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      It was such a great idea. There are over a hundred different ones and the kids swap them at school. We don’t usually shop at Woolworths, but my in-laws do and always had a little pile to give the kids each week.

  2. SG21

    I want candy, and I don’t care if your little bribes are girly.
    I always have a great time reading your blog and so that if nothing else deserves a hearty (or energetic may be more appropriate) thumbs up for your first year!

  3. BowBezzy

    Love the snowflake ornaments. I moved three hours from the snowy mountains of California about 2 years ago and miss it very much. You’ve inspired “snowy” ideas for my holiday decorating.

  4. jack

    Hadn’t checked in for a few weeks, but finally did! Happy Blogiversary – what an achievement! 53 posts in a year averages more than one a week! Was also happy to see I have been secretly contributing content to some of your other posts. Re the messed up tummies you may like to know that I have just started Rainbow Dash on the FODMAP diet to try and deal with some of her digestive issues – seems to relate to a lot of what you are talking about. Hope the year ahead is as enjoyable as the past 12 months have been! Your honesty and humour always brighten up my late and lonely nights.

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      So lovely to hear from you, Jack Sprout! I’m sad you didn’t win – it would have saved me a bucket on postage! I’ve moved on to low FODMAP now as well (as best I can). Here’s hoping it works! As you can see, I couldn’t help dipping into my image bank for some pretty party and cake photos. Hope to catch up soon!

  5. The Simple Italians

    Happy blogiversary! Your posts are always a delight, and I’m looking forward to the year ahead! As an international entrance, those Australian animal cards would make a fun and educational gift for some of our grandchildren! Here’s hoping to being the lucky winner!

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      Thank you, Sheila, I’m sorry you didn’t win. My Australian friends laughed at my including the swap cards, as they’re everywhere here, but I figured an international winner would find them interesting!

  6. Marg Ellwood

    Love your blog laptop on the ironing board! I’d like to win the soap, I have plenty of this cards already lol!

  7. youngatfifty

    Just popping in to say thank you for your likes on my posts. I thought I had left a comment on my earlier visit congratulating on your anniversary, but it looks like its some other post. Happy anniversary ! keep going for many more years !!

  8. craftsnotherstuff

    Happy Blogiversary! Wish I could do as well as you with my blog….seems I forget a lot lately….68 years but still trying. Just came and saw your blog for first time just now….seems you have some very interesting things I need to keep watching so will come back more often….congratulations again, Sandy

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  10. mrskatystacy

    Happy blogiversary! Your post about your boy’s occasional obsession with nudity is still one of my favorites and makes me laugh every time! I look forward to many more posts.

  11. the mmmmm family

    These are lovely and would look perfect in our little home this Christmas Kate. I’ve not been on WP as much lately, have had rather a little too much going on, at least I can have fun with all the catching up I need to do 🙂

  12. sunshineravioli

    So lovely! I’m obsessed with marsupials and got to snuggle my first koala on my visit to Melbourne last March.

    Also, anyone else think the bluebell pattern could be easily modified to make a UFO garland? 🙂

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      Oooh, Yes! If you put two end-to-end and put stuffing in…

      Just what I always wanted!

      On the other hand, half the crochet projects I start end up as UFOs, but not the fun outer-space kind!

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