The Joy of Giving

I just had to share:

teapots with cosies

I made these tea cosies for my two dear friends, Pippi and Lovely M.  You might remember Pippi as my friend who made the soap for my blog candy giveaway.  She gave it as a gift for the blog and wouldn’t accept any payment for it.  If your memory is really good, you might remember Lovely M from my socially awkward misadventures in Label Fail – the Sequel.  I wanted to give M a new name as everyone else in the blog seems to be named after some literary character (or Brady Bunch member).  In some ways, M is like Little Friend Susan to my Milly Molly Mandy.  But Little Friend Susan is sensible and hardly talks, and that doesn’t describe M at all.  Anyway, Lovely M is happy to be called Lovely M and I think it rather suits her.

In a world of self-contained school mothers with blow-waved bobs and glacial conversational skills, Pippi and Lovely M provide an oasis of genuine friendship and spray-coffee-through-your-nose laughter.  That, in itself, I think, is enough to warrant a present, but as it happens, both Pippi and Lovely M have recently moved house (from near by to even nearer by!), which means I get to make them housewarming presents (my favourite kind!).

When Pippi and Lovely M received their presents, they made all the right exclaiming noises to ensure plenty more handmade gifts come their way.  In a strange way, I love that something I made will live in their home.  Does that make sense or is it vaguely stalker-ish of me?

Anyway, here’s the most exciting part:

The pattern is my own design!

I’ve never designed my own crochet pattern before, unless you count my star snowflake, which is really more of a modification than an original design.  I think I will call it Pippi and Lovely M’s Granny Square Tea Cosy.   When I get organised, I will put a tutorial (with rather dodgy photos) in the “Hooky Business” section of the blog.  Just like a real grown-up craft blog!  And I can put it on Ravelry and everything!

I’ve also just finished a blanket for my brand-new nephew.  I struggled a little with this one, but we got there in the end (meanwhile my nephew is six weeks old):


I wanted to sew a cloud motif on in the corner, but with the variegated yarn it just looked weird, so I left it off.

And finally:


This parcel is bound for Tennessee, for Sandy from Craftsnotherstuff, the winner of my birthday blog candy giveaway.  I’m thinking of sneaking in some Tim Tams (choc biscuits) and other Aussie treats, but I’m still working out how to do it without getting chocolate over everything…

Oh!  It’s all so exciting!  Giving gifts is even more fun when I can boast about it all over the internet…


5 thoughts on “The Joy of Giving

  1. Sandy Louden

    oh what sweet tea cozies….Can’t wait for the tut on them. Have gotten a revived interest in Granny Squares of late,,,,I feel so excited about the package of goodies to arrive in my little house….They are going to be part of any future decor for it….You have such a cute way with your wording….have you ever thought of writing children’s books? or even a children’s blog? I am sure either would be a huge success…I didn’t mean for that to come out as implying you talk childish….just that I realize children are a main focus for you and you do have a certain way with words which children could enjoy!.

  2. mathairfiona

    You sound like a perfectly lovely friend! I LOVE to give gifts and they are really that much more fun when they are handmade. It just make a person feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      And isn’t it so gratifying when people get excited over the gift you’ve made? I think Lovely M might have even got a little teary. It makes up for the other times when you feel like the gift you made really missed the mark! Thank you for the truly lovely comment!

  3. Chrissi Strozer

    What a wonderful story!!! The reason I feel so connected to this story is because I recently received a handmade crocheted gift from a fabulous friend of mine whom I will call Fanciful K. So I know exactly how excited Lovely M and Pippi were!! I have my gift sitting in my kitchen so I can admire it everyday! I’m sure your friends are enjoying theirs just as much!! X


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