Boast Post

I have a backlog of finished projects I want to share with you, and I figured the best way would be in one big, long, self-indulgent post. Don’t feel too impressed, though: it might look like I turned out a whole lot of of projects at once, but some of these are months old. I just never got around to telling you about them.

Here are some presents I gave to my friend at her baby shower:

Monkey Hat

This is a monkey hat, from Mamachee’s most excellent pattern.  Just because.

Flora Rabbit

And this is Flora Rabbit, made using Greedy For Colour’s fabulous pattern. You may remember this is the pattern I used as a base for my Peter Rabbit George the Public Domain Bunny creation last Christmas.  I put a little bell inside so that it made a nice noise when you shook it.  Do you know how hard it is to make a bell ring from within a stuffed toy?  Of course, you can’t put it directly into the stuffing – it won’t ring.  But I discovered my usual trick of putting it within a Kinder Surprise plastic egg (I usually put beans or rice in to make a shaker, I haven’t tried a bell before) also didn’t work, because it sealed and there was no way for the sound to escape (or something.  What am I?  A physicist?)  In the end, I made a contraption from half an egg constructed in such a way that the stuffing didn’t enter it and the sound could still get out.  When my friend opened it and politely thanked me, I proclaimed “SHAKE IT!  SHAKE IT!  IT RINGS!  IT RINGS!” with a manic look in my eye.  She shook it.  It rang.  She was impressed.  But I suspect she was more concerned for my general wellbeing as I wrung my hands together and muttered to myself “itrings…itRINGS..itrings…ohappyday…happydaaay…”


tea tray

Here’s a present I gave to a lovely young couple I know who got married recently.  They were kind enough to invite me to the Mass and put on a lovely afternoon tea in the parish hall afterwards.

teapot with cosy

I made this tea-cosy from an alpaca/lambswool blend which I’d originally bought to make a jacket for my niece, before deciding that it was too hairy for a newborn.  I’ve since been using up this stash in various ways, including the rabbit-who-shall-not-be-named.  The pattern is one of my own devising, but it’s based on Rheatheylia’s Divine Hat,  which is another lovely pattern that’s fun to work with.  I had another go at this pattern for my mother-in-law, using yarn from her mother’s stash.  But, as this yarn was a cotton blend, it wasn’t nearly as stretchy and took a lot of muscle to put onto the pot!  So it works fine, so long as you don’t ever want to drink tea or anything…

cup cosies

I used the same shell-stitch to make little sleeves for the mugs.  They look straightforward, but it took a surprising amount of jiggery-pokery to straighten out the edges (so they weren’t diagonal, don’t you know).

construction of cup sleeve

I used some gorgeous vintage buttons from Mr Knightley’s Nan’s stash.  It gives me such satisfaction to use such lovely buttons, but I also get a bit of a pang to part with them!

vintage buttons

The bride has a two-year-old son, and it’s important he wasn’t left out, so I had fun making this:

child's cup with cosy

I still have a whole heap of this rainbow yarn left over and any suggestions of what I can make with it would be greatly appreciated!


I’m a little embarrassed about this one.  If you go back far enough, somewhere at the start of my blog, I mentioned I was working on some bunting for Matilda’s room.  I was so excited by the little granny flags that I took pictures of my work in progress and even made them into my blog’s banner photo.

Then I kind of lost interest in the project and forgot about it for, like, a year.

I finally managed to get it finished in time for Matilda’s birthday party.  Here it is:


The light’s a little dodgy, but you get the idea:


Matilda’s birthday party had a ‘night at the movies’ theme.  Here’s what we did for popcorn:

popcorn bar

And here’s the cake:

clapboard cake

While I’m at it, here’s the cake from Mr Knightley’s birthday party.  The theme was Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (he turned 42):

hitchhikers guide to the galaxy cake

I think that has exhausted everything I have to skite about at the moment.  When you read enough of my ‘fail’ posts, you will understand that sometimes I need winning moments like these to boast about to balance it all out.  If you have read all the way to the end of this post, you are a good and patient friend and I thank you ❤ ❤ ❤



22 thoughts on “Boast Post

  1. athousandtimestooshort

    Hi! That was a fun post! And the first time I have read your blog. Yes, I’ll be back! Just as soon as I have finished my work (I definitely did not start browsing to put off actual work. Definitely not). Look forward to reading more – I especially like the bits on making rabbits ring and unusable teapots.

  2. Cathy the Bagg Lady

    Hello there! Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my Mother’s Day Post. I really like your blog it is creative and colorful. I am now following your blog. I look forward to sharing with you all of the posts in the upcoming months. I have many planned including some tutorials.
    Ta Ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady

  3. Monica

    Boast post or Fail post, you never fail to crack me up! Keep on being you and making the world shine. 🙂

  4. Jan Moyer

    So, “jiggery-pokery” is that an official knitting term? If yes, I’m taking up the needles just so I can use it.

    Jiggery-pokery. JIGGERY-POKERY.

    “Sorry I didn’t call you back, Mom – I was so busy with all the jiggery-pokery.”

  5. whizwoman

    I read a few of your posts, including this one. They’re all so delightful! If I get the time, I’ll visit Matilda’s blog as well.
    The story I’m writing is inspired from a minor detail in the book ’Honey Ant’ by Duncan Kyle. But apart from the initial idea of ’some clue in the crochet’ I’m trying to build up the rest of the story myself. I actually want to read more on the patterns used in crochet and the history of these patterns. Have you any idea where I can get this information?

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      A good place to start might be It is a knit and crochet community and a wealth of information. It’s free to become a member and they have forums where you can ask questions.
      Your story sounds really interesting! I look forward to hearing how it goes. It reminds me a little of Madame Defarge from A Tale of Two Cities. She knits a secret code to communicate the names of people to be executed (or something like that – it’s a long time since i read it!).
      Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hetterbell

    I love them all, especially the bunting (I always say if it doesn’t move put bunting on it!! 😀 Big bunting fan!) and the cakes. They are so original. Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to seeing more of yours. 🙂

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      I’m a little obsessed with bunting to the point that my children will always point it out to me when they spot it, even if it’s just that orange stuff you get around construction sites!

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      Thank you! I find the urge to be crafty seems to come and go in waves for me. I’ll go for months not thinking about crochet and then all of a sudden, I’ll get bitten by an idea and start working on five projects at once!


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