Look Look Look!

I wrote another article for Seton Magazine. And they’ve totally published it! http://www.setonmagazine.com/family/grandparents/absent-without-leave-learning-to-live-with-my-gadabout-grandparents The editor added the subtitle, but it’s not entirely accurate.  My husband’s parents are not also my grandparents.  I live in Victoria, not Tasmania! Look at me: stay-at-home-mum and part-time freelance author!


17 thoughts on “Look Look Look!

  1. Anna Eastland

    Whoo, hoooo! I am so proud of you from way over here in Canada!
    I recently got an article published, too and it’s such a great feeling! Hurrah for nutty homeschooling mommy writers!

        1. katelikestocreate Post author

          You and Josephine have been in my thoughts a lot lately. I pray for you every day. The article is simply amazing. I am so humbled by the grace with which you have shouldered this cross. I have no doubt your honesty and your bravery in speaking about your journey out loud is a precious gift to others struggling with their grief.
          It feels strange that we don’t know each other. I have a great urge to put a banana cake on your Canadian doorstep (when I feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to help, I tend to bake), though I’m sure you have already been inundated with casseroles and baked goods. But I can pray, at least. I’ll keep doing that.

          1. Anna Eastland

            Kate, your prayers and words mean so much. I wish you could come with your cake and stay for tea and a big chat as well! I do feel I know you. When I told my husband, “My friend just has her article published!” and told him who, he said, “Oh, your blog friend, not real friend.” Of course I objected vehemently! You are very real to me, and your affection is reaching me, even from across the world.

            1. katelikestocreate Post author

              I wrote a heartfelt response to this comment, then I clicked something and it disappeared! I’m sure it won’t come out the same way again!

              Thank you so much. I want to share a daft thought with you. I’m very worried I will say the wrong thing and end up being offensive. But I’ll give it a try.
              Do you know how I call you Anna of Green Gables? Well in my ignorance of intense grief, my mind keeps thinking about how Anne lost a child in labour (in “Anne’s House of Dreams”). Her name was Joyce. Even when Anne’s children are all grown up, Anne still thinks often of her “wee white lady”.
              I know to most people it would seem very wrong to be talking about a simple children’s book at a time of complex grief. But I know that you love Anne as much as I do, and it’s silly, but I find reading Anne a bit of comfort when things are really bad. Not that I can possibly imagine how ‘really bad’ things are for you right now, and not that I think reading a children’s book can possibly ‘fix’ anything.
              I’m reading over this and I can’t possibly get it to sound the way I want. But I did warn you it was daft!

            2. Anna Eastland

              You know, I have been thinking about the book “Anne’s House of Dreams” myself, and thinking how odd that my heroine had undergone the same thing! And children’s books are so comforting. Somehow they are a safer world, been if hard things happen within them. You know the happy ending is waiting for you. They help you to hope.
              I’ve actually been reading “The Horse and the Boy” by C S Lewis. When my Mum was in the hospital years a go for a few months she read the Anne of Green Gables series!
              Thanks for being wonderful, and for sharing your “daft thought.”

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      Have you been to Adelaide? My sister-in-law lives there, but I’m in Melbourne (The Best Australian City, New York of the Southern Hemisphere, World’s Most Liveable etc etc). Australia is vast and diverse. Much as I love Adelaide, I’m not sure it really captures that!


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