Stash Confessions

OK, so maybe I have a problem.

I’m not sure how it started, really. I’m sure it was innocent enough to begin with, but it’s now got to the point where I don’t even have a handle on how much things are getting out of control and I’m too scared to face up to reality.

My name is Kate Knightley and I own an excessive amount of yarn.

Drawer overflowing with yarn

I think it might be taking over my house. I’m pretty sure I can stand in any room and, if I look carefully enough, find evidence of my addiction. Plus there’s all of the stuff I have hidden away. I have two large bureau drawers dedicated to concealing my stash and I think I have the problem contained, but then sometimes I uncover random Lincraft bags chock-full of lambswool/alpaca blend.

It frightens me.

And worse than just the wool – the half finished projects.  Oh!  The shame!  They glare at me reproachfully from the various places I’ve tried to hide them.  They call to me:  Kate!  Kate!  Only three more rounds and I would have been complete!  Kate!  Don’t you love me?

I’ve tried to be good.  Really, I have.  So many of my recent projects have used up stash wool rather than new wool.  I’ve tried to be creative and figure out ways to work with what I’ve got.  But it doesn’t seem to help.  It’s like Strega Nona broke into my stash and stirred it up with her magic wooden spoon.  It’s like the Magic Pudding of stashes.  It doesn’t make a difference how much of it I consume.  It doesn’t get any smaller.

Illustration from Norman Lindsay's The Magic Pudding in which pudding has been replaced with a ball of yarn

Mr Knightley has his suspicions, but he doesn’t know how bad things really are.  I have been guilty of concealing my (necessary and perfectly legitimate) yarn purchases from him (“this old skein?  I’ve had this for ages”).

But now it’s time to face reality.  I’m going to get all the yarn I can find together and take a picture.  This might be a little disturbing:

embarrassing collection of yarn

Oh!  The shame!  It’s only in a heart shape because Christopher Robin helped me collate it all  (“You love your wool, really, Mum”)

And here are the dud projects:

graveyard of abandoned projects

Don’t look at me!  I’m hideous!

And here’s what makes it all much worse:  I want to buy more.  I want to buy so much more.

This weekend I went to Healesville with my husband of twelve years and we spent some blissful time exploring markets and second-hand shops sitting in lovely cafes all without the company of our children, who, delightful as they are, tend to have grabby hands and an electron-like capacity of being in many places they shouldn’t be all at once.

I got the chance to feast my eyes on some gorgeous hand-made baby clothes and it gave me a desperate case of the wanties.  My fingers started itching to create some adorable hats and jackets for the twins and none of the yarns I already own are quite what I am looking for.

I’m beginning to fantasise about gender-neutral pallettes in rich, unusual colours tempered with soft greys and creams all in finger-weight yarn.  Or large balls of thick, soft, natural-coloured wool.  Or the vivid, jewel-bright colours of Rowan DK or Debbie Bliss yarn (I’ve never actually owned these brands, but everybody on the internet seems to use them and the colours are to die for).

Did you know you can order yarn online and they deliver to your door?  Can you imagine what it would be like to open a parcel and find it full of delicious wool?  I was chatting about this with my husband on the weekend (we were eating lunch in a Healesville café and I’d just seen the inside of this amazing store).  His eyes were a little glazed over for most of the conversation (“granny square matinee jacket” / “New Zealand possum yarn” / “new method for edging blankets’), but he snapped back to reality when I mentioned purchasing yet more wool.

“What are the names of these websites?” he asked, with concern wrinkling his eyebrows, “perhaps I should put a block on them…” and then he went on, talking about “my own good” and “saving me from myself” and “seeking professional help”.   I’m not sure – I wasn’t really listening.  My mind was exploring colours and textures and exciting new projects.

It’s sweet that he cares about me, but he really doesn’t need to be concerned.  It’s fine.  I can stop at any time.

Plus I bet I can get a discount for ordering in bulk.


Do you have a wool or craft stash that is getting out of control?  Please photograph and/or write about it and we can enable link to each other.  This is a safe place.  There is no judgement here.


42 thoughts on “Stash Confessions

  1. Anna Eastland

    You are hilarious as ever! Love it! If I didn’t live on far off Canada, I’d send you some more wool so you could have even more! ;)hhehhee…just make sure Mr. Knightly doesn’t block my blog…

  2. nicolaknits

    I think your stash is small enough not to worry. Have you seen the Flash your Stash 2015 thread on the Ravelry forums? Some people have achieved SABLE (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy)! You don’t have a problem…..yet!

  3. FC5

    Loved this!
    And what a coincidence– I was planning on taking photos of my stash for a blog entry this week. I think I may do that tomorrow.

  4. kw06

    How delightful, another blog post. You take me back many years. The thing is, when one buys yarn one usually purchases enough to, knit/ crochet, that beautiful item and there is always that one ball over. These yarns are too special to throw out,🐏I understand and empathise.
    The solution, dear one, is to buy a bigger house- just joking. You can see it’s the end of a big day, my day off, which is filled with EVERTHING that needs to be done.
    None of these things can compare with the things a mother with four darlings who is expecting two more precious beings has to do.
    I think you are great. I’ve no solution for you, as I am now, gradually reassembling my own collection of, gender neutral, soft, washable, balls of baby knitting wool.
    There was a sale at Spotlight last week, 😍❤️

  5. Lauren S

    Happy to pop over with my script pad and write “Yarn PRN”. Keeps Mr Knightley happy (professional help) with the added bonus that the script can also be used if you simply need a good chat (“No, I’m not talking excessively, see, doctor’s orders”)! Because, in my professional opinion, every woman needs a good yarn.

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      I can imagine how bad it would be with patchwork stashes! I have a modest stash of lovely fabric that I don’t know what to do with. I would love to be able to sew properly!

  6. bmary

    Oh man. I can’t stand my yarn stash. I would literally love to set it on fire and run. But, alas, I’ve decided to make pot holder and crazy blankets and other things that need just a bit of yarn. My pile has gone down impressively. So I guess I’ll hold off on the bonfire!

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      I’ve just made a cute bonnet (I wanted to make two, but there wasn’t enough yarn and I was NOT going to buy more!) and I think I will make some co-ordinating mittens to finish off the ball. Maybe these twins can help me with Yarn Mountain?
      Thanks for commenting!

  7. ruthsplace

    You have a baby stash 😀 (ahem says the woman whose stash takes up an entire queen-sized bed when spread out).

    You are welcome to come and join the stash down group on Ravelry (no link since I can’t access Ravelry right now….)

  8. emilyofoldmoon

    Hahahah this post made me almost snort coffee out of my nose. You make me laugh so much!! When I read your posts I can hear your voice and imagine so clearly the animated way you tell a story. I MISS you sister! “Electron-like capacity” haha ahh so good.

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      That was funny! I wrote “I miss you” in my last comment to you before reading this one and it’s like you wrote “I miss you” back. It doesn’t take much to amuse me. These comments of yours are delicious! Thank you so much for writing them!

  9. C. L. Roman

    You and my mother would get along great. Her addiction is quilting fabric. I have the same gene (the quilting fabric addiction (QFA) gene), but writing is my current drug of choice so the QFA is in remission. If I ever manage to quite my day job, I’m sure it will resurface though. 😉

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      Ooooh! I love Bendigo Woolen Mills! I keep trying to think up excuses to visit Bendigo again. I have no Bendigo wool in my stash because I used up every last delicious scrap. Thanks for the tip!

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  11. Kyaru

    I keep my stash in old biscuit tins ^.^ It’s great because my mom loves containers: biscuit tins, plastic ice cream containers, the freebies that come with groceries. Instead of just gathering dust, now they’re put to good use!

  12. Pingback: Support group, anyone? | Crochet Magpie

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      I always think donated yarn doesn’t count! I tried your link but it didn’t work. I think it wants to take me to the admin version, not the public version…
      Thanks for commenting!


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