Welcome Twins!

On August 3 (yes, that long ago!) we welcomed a pair of healthy twin girls into the world. They are truly delightful. Twins are pretty relentless, because, well, there are two of them.  I’m trying to get better at accepting all offers of help and even asking people to help me.  This goes against the grain a bit.  I like to be Capable Woman.

The good news is, I spoke to my husband, and he agreed to relax the no-photos-of-the-children rule just this once, because, let’s face it, newborns are pretty anonymous.  And I’ve taken Mr Knightley saying I can share a photo of the twins to mean pretty much the same as saying I can share several photos.  How can I choose between these pics?





twins and me

In real life, the twins have the loveliest names, honouring both my wonderful grandmothers.  In blog life, I still can’t think of what to call them.  I was convinced I was having at least one boy, so I had thought about what to call them if I had one of each (Luke and Leia) or two boys (Fred and George), but I never thought of what to call two girls.  Can you think of any girl twins in literature or popular culture?  Or even pairs of girls?  I can’t come up with anything that suits.  Sweet Valley High and The Twins at St Clare’s have girl twins but it’s not really a fit, plus I was more of a Babysitters Club/Malory Towers sort of girl.  The gumnut babies are actually boys (I know, right?) and using the names Snugglepot and Cuddlepie would get real old real fast.  Anne of Green Gables had girl twins when she grew up (called Nan and Di) – but who would know that?  And calling them Thing 1 and Thing 2 would just be mean.   I’ll just have to think on it some more – if you can think of anything, please, please leave a comment!

Actually, leave a comment even if you can’t think of anything – I really need something to keep me amused at three in the morning!

44 thoughts on “Welcome Twins!

  1. Paula

    Mary-Kate and Ashley…. Please do not use these names!!!! (I’ll keep thinking). Congratulations on your lovely girls. Xx

  2. iamalsobored

    Have you ever seen the movie the parent trap?
    Apparently that was based on a book called Lottie and Lisa. That’s kind of cute!!
    Ps your twins are gorgeous!!!

  3. Scott

    How about, Buffy and willow?
    Elsa and Anna
    Fiona and the Dragon (I might be watching too much Shrek at the moment)
    Thelma and Louise
    Betty and Wilma
    Mary-Kate and Ashley
    B1 and B2 (I know they seem to be boys, but I don’t think anyone really knows)

    We’ll let you know if we think of any more.

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      I thought of Milly, Molly and Mandy – it’s almost enough to make me want to have triplets! Perhaps I should have lied and said I had triplets just to use those awesome names. It would be a few months, maybe, before people noticed that one of my triplets never seemed to do anything…

  4. Passionist JPIC Australia

    Congratulations again, Kate. Your daughters are beautiful, like their mother. Much love and many blessings on you and your growing family.

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      Do you know I’ve only ever seen the start of that movie? Like many family movies, I had to go to bed before it finished. I went for many, many years without ever knowing there were nazis in The Sound of Music…

  5. Lauren Sanders

    I still like Fred & George even for girls (eg George in Famous Five). But you could go the literary pairing like Jane (Austen) & Charlotte (Bronte). Or Mem (Fox) & May (Gibbs). Sort of literary sisters since both were awesome authors but still individuals. Or split a name like Mem & Fox! Happy 3am 🙂

  6. nicolaknits

    Congratulations. The twins are beautiful. You could perhaps use two flower names, or plants like Holly and Ivy.

  7. Alma Mater

    Nan & Di from Rainbow Valley and Rilla of Ingleside? They were Anne’s twin daugters. Nan was short for Anne Cordelia, and Di was short for Diana. (I don’t remember if she was given a middle name.)

    Or sisters? Like Ramona & Beatrice (Quimby)? Jane and Elizabeth (from Pride & Prejudice)?

    Or friends Betsy & Tacy? (from Betsy-Tacy)

    Or perhaps twins from two separate twin-sets: Flossie & Nan? (from Bobbsey Twins)

    Congratulations to you! They are so sweet!

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers Nan and Di. Nan had dark hair and Di had red, and was her father’s favourite because of it. And Diana had a daughter called Anne Cordelia too, do you remember?

      I’m such a Green Gables tragic!

      Thanks for commenting!

  8. Anna Eastland

    They are so sweet! Thanks for the lovely pictures!! 💕💕 How about the two brave saints from Ancient Rome, Felicity and Perpetua? They are not twins but are always mentioned together, and their names are rather elegant. Of course, being a huge Anne of Green Gables fan, I also like Nan and Di! Wishing you all the best in this daze of double newborn love! 😍Anna

  9. Mary Rose

    your photos of the girls are lovely! Such joy in your family! We are all so happy for you! Did you have Gilmore Girls in Australia? The mom and daughter were more like sisters. They were Lorelai and Rory.

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      It is a joyful time – even if sometimes I need to remind myself of that!
      My sister was big into Gilmore Girls, but I never got around to watching it. Perhaps I should borrow her DVDs so I can watch it while doing the night shift!

  10. paulainauckland

    How gorgeous! Congratulations – parenthood is scary/awesome/messy/maddening/AWESOME all rolled up into one!
    I have no names (sorry) altho I do like Lizzy & Jane…but whomever gets christened Mary might not say thank you 🙂

  11. kyrstalenon

    They are so beautiful! For name ideas, I love all of the Anne of Green Gables books, she has twins late in the series and calls them Nan and Diana as a play on her name and her childhood best friend’s name. 🙂

  12. elizabeth kay booth

    They are beautiful! Congratulations! I know everyone is probably saying this, and it’s hard to do when you’re not getting any sleep, but enjoy your time with your newborns! They outgrow that newborn stage so fast!

  13. Jac

    How about Kate and Pippa, but of course Kate could get a little confusing for obvious reasons……and when will you be getting the updated family photo for kinder? Perhaps you could just cut and paste the new additions onto the previous one! And dinner will turn up again, even if dinner ends up being a cake, or yummy slice.

  14. sessaraquel

    Congratulations-They are soooo wonderful and gorgeous!!! These pictures remind me so much of when I had my twin girls! (Where does the time go?) When we named ours, we had been fighting over which of two names to use if we had a girl. (We both came up completely blank on boy names.) So when we found out they were twin girls, we each got to use the name we liked and didn’t consider and cutesy or rhyming twin names. It wasn’t until after they were born that I realized how cute Audrey and Aubrey would have been for names, albeit confusing at times, I’m sure. Audrey Hepburn provides me with a lot of style inspiration, so any nod to her is nice in my book. That’s about if for name suggestions, but I’m chocked full of anecdotes of twin shenanigans! Enjoy them, mama!

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