Greetings from Babyland!

Often these days, when friends (or, indeed, tradesmen) come to visit me, they might find I’m in my pyjamas feeding a baby. My conversation will not be witty or sparkling, and they may have to make their own tea, but I will be happy to see them.

As you, my reader friend, come to visit me at my blog today, imagine I’m wearing pink flannelette pyjamas with a piece of toast stuck in my hair.  My writing may seem a little stilted and bland, but, gosh, I’m glad to see you!

My beautiful twins are now almost eight weeks old.  For the most part, I’m enjoying my vacation in Baby Land.  We’ve developed a simple routine of feeding and nappies, and lessons and feeding, and feeding and washing, and feeding and feeding.     And cuddles.  There are always plenty of baby cuddles to go around (though they sometimes come with a side order of baby spew).  It’s really rather blissful.

We don’t often leave the house, but when we do, it seems we achieve instant celebrity status.  Everybody wants to talk to us and ask us (the same five) questions and tell us about the twins in their life.  Most of the time, my extroverted nature revels in the attention, but it can be a real challenge if we’re trying to do something in a hurry.

I’ve decided to christen the girls “Daisy and Poppy” after the mischievous twins in Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.  Not exactly literary, I know, but it seems to fit.  Those of you who don’t have preschoolers in the home may not have heard of Ben and Holly.  Those of you who do will have heard far, far too much.

Daisy and Poppy

And, now, if you’ll excuse me, Daisy is letting me know my services as a milk maid are urgently required.

Thank you for coming to visit!


7 thoughts on “Greetings from Babyland!

  1. kw06

    Enjoyed the visit. You make it all sound easy, I think you are amazing. Of course it helps that you are amazing, have a wonderful husband and have beautiful children. 🌹❤️😍

  2. Anna Eastland

    So happy to hear form our gorgeous pink flannel Australian milk maid mama! Sending you lots of love and many kisses for Daisy and Poppy! Only about 5 weeks until my little mancub is scheduled to arrive! 💕

  3. Amy @ Love and Be Loved

    Congratulations! No idea you gave birth to twins! Of course I’ve been out of touch with the blogosphere, so no reason I would know. Even in the torture land of sleep deprivation times two, you are alive and witty in your writing. Toast in hair is an amazing bit of detail. You inspire, as your in the flesh friends can surely attest. Many blessings to you and your amazing mom, as well!!


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