Red Hairring

So I figure I should probably write the sequel to my previous post. The only problem is, it’s not very interesting. So I’m going to just give it to you in point form. That way you can have a story which is not to interesting to begin with, plus the added bonus of lazy writing. Enjoy.

  • After I wrote my last post, many of you took the trouble to let me know you have a lovely friend/neighbour/sister-in-law who cuts hair in her garage/shed/living room and who is totally nice and easy to talk to.  No.  Just, no.  This would add a whole other layer of awkwardness to the situation.  What if they do a bad job and you want to break up with them but you can’t because they’re friends with your friend?  Ugh.  No.
    But thank you for thinking of me.
  • Still more people told me about some other super lady who comes to your house to cut your hair.  Noooooooooo!  No!  I would have to clean the house thoroughly or risk the hairdresser silently judging me.  Then if it all goes pear-shaped the hairdresser knows where I live.  No thank you.
  • Then, Lovely M suggested I get Pippi to cut my hair.  Apparently Pippi is quite handy with a pair of scissors, even though she isn’t a professional hairdresser.  But I had to say no.  It’s not that I didn’t trust Pippi’s ability, it’s just that I have an irrational fear that if I turn my friend into my hairdresser, all friendship will cease and I will henceforth only be able to have stilted conversations with her about a reality tv show I do not watch.  Plus I wanted to get it dyed too, and even though M was suggesting all manner of solutions to this problem involving a bottle of peroxide and a toothbrush, I ultimately decided to go with a professional.
  • So, as it turns out, my visit to the hairdresser was fairly uneventful.  I brought with me a small stack of Mollie Makes magazines which I borrowed from the library to save money (except that one of the magazines went missing, so now I have to pay a big library fine instead).  The hairdresser was older than me and happy to keep conversation to a companionable minimum.  It was kind of nice.
  • Here is the photo I showed her at the start of our session:


  • Cameron Diaz with nice hair


  • It was such a long time since I’d been to a salon that I was a little out of practice.  I was so grateful that somebody was finally doing my hair that I didn’t boss the hairdresser too much about what I wanted.  As a result, the dye job was a little odd and streaky and the colour was much more ashy than what I asked for.  And the layering didn’t frame my face well.  
  • After this, the hairdresser gave me a blow wave, which made me look like a late-night televangelist’s wife named Robyn.  Or Hope.  Or maybe Candice.
  • The next morning I scrutinised the colour in the full light of day.  Had she given me grey streaks?
  • So here is my ‘before’ photo.  Incidentally, I thought this was my ‘sexy’ face.  All these years, when I thought I was giving my husband a smouldering look, my face actually looked like this.   Ugh.   I think I need to practice raising my eyebrow suggestively at the mirror repeatedly until I get it right.

Kate with long hair looking dopey

  • I think I sprained my eyebrow.
  • And this is me now:
  • The mom from 'Seventh Heaven'
  • Just kidding, here I am:


  • Michael Landon (from 'Highway to Heaven')
  • I could do this all day:


  • So here I am, really:

My laptop selfie with new hair

It’s several weeks since I got my hair done and it’s settled in a lot better now.  I even had a go fixing the layers myself with a pair of nail scissors.  The next time I go to the hairdressers, I’ll be more specific about what I want.

The very thought is making me sweat icicles.


9 thoughts on “Red Hairring

  1. Anna Eastland

    Whaaa. You’re much cuter than McGuiver! Do you know, I actually have a personalized photo of his, signed to me! As a kid I was a huge fan, and my Dad got it for me. Except it was all creepy with him leaning against a brick wall in an ally, fuzzy chest chair sticking out of his leather jacket! Aack!

  2. Mark O'Dowd

    Your hair looks great. I think the image you put up before the real finish product was the best! If you need to do your own trim you can just use a pocket knife.

  3. Monica

    Your hair looks lovely! I didn’t realise it was a new look when I saw you briefly last week. I just presumed you always look that fabulous.

    I too loved/love Mayim Bialik, and always wished I could rock a hat like she did in Blossom. Or a tiara like she did in Big Bang Theory. In real life she is a neuroscientist. Seriously, I think I am in love. Don’t get me started on Danica McKellar/Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years!

    Is it tragic that I used to watch 7th Heaven? The dad/reverend always creeped me out a bit though. Not sure why though.

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      Aww! Thank you! I still love Mayim Bialik too. She has excellent comic timing and seems so anti-Hollywood. I watched a lot of 7th Heaven at 4 in the morning whilst breastfeeding. The dad creeped me out too (in a ‘Hey Dad’ sort of way). I just googled him then and it turns out he’s a child molester. You must have a good gut instinct!

  4. ruthsplace

    Love the new do! I hate going to the hairdresser. This time I showed the girl a picture, she happily began cutting my hair and then informed me mid-way through the cut that my hair wouldn’t do what the picture showed, so I have an interesting style…good thing I only get it cut every 6 months (and that hair grows back).


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