And another one

“Holy artistic merit, Batman! It’s the latest Kate Moriarty article!”


My latest article “Good Grief” for Melbourne Catholic is on page 24. It won’t let me share the article by itself. Ack!


6 thoughts on “And another one

  1. Schütz

    Hi, Kate. I just read your latest – latest – article in Melbourne Catholic, the four Screwtape letters, and thoroughly enjoyed them. Well written and very well done to spin a whole character development and story plot in such a short space. Definitely the best thing I have read in Melbourne Catholic for a long time. Perhaps ever.

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      Oh WOW! Thank you, David! I just stalked your blog to find out who you are. I figured I must be related to you to get such a lovely comment, but it turns out you’re not my mum after all! I haven’t got my hands on the latest latest copy yet – my parish is a bit slow on the uptake, they’ve only just started stocking April!
      I thoroughly enjoyed writing the Screwtape piece, but I must credit my husband, who suggested the idea in the first place (and CS Lewis, who did all of the hard work for me).

      Thank you again for such wonderful, wonderful feedback. Now I just need to work out a way to casually copy-paste-and-email your comment to my editors.

      Just as an interesting topic for conversation, you know.


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