Ripping off CS Lewis

Illustration of Demon


Have a look at my latest article. If you turn to page thirty of the May edition, you can see my modern take on The Screwtape Letters.  Then, flip to page 42 to see an excellent article written by my very talented sister.  While you’re there, have a look at page 24 of the April edition, you can see my article on the Welcome to Eltham movement, which my twins tried so earnestly to sabotage.

I’m really happy with the Screwtape article, though, so read that one first!


3 thoughts on “Ripping off CS Lewis

  1. Richard Jupp

    Great piece, Kate!  As always. CS Lewis would be proud.  “And now your patient is Catholic” – very skilfully done!  I haven’t read Emily yet, Walters family genius is best enjoyed in small bites 🙂  But I look forward to it.

    Hope all well with you and family, Love & prayers, Richard


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