Job Fail

Stair with incorrectly installed bannister.  Text: you had one job.

So here’s the thing: I had an experience that was perfect blog post material. I was actually composing it in my head as it was happening to me.  I would have called it ‘Job Fail’, and we all would have had a nice laugh about it together.  But then I managed to pitch the idea to my editor and got it published.  There is something truly beautiful about getting paid for being daft.    But here’s the other thing: when I put stuff on my blog, I have a certain luxury of anonymity.  I can blather on about things to my own secret club and nobody really notices.  After my article was published in the magazine, however, I got an email from one of the chief characters in my fail story, who had recognised himself straight away, despite my attempts to conceal his identity.  He was so gracious and lovely, but I wanted to sink through the floor. How mortifying!

Anyway, please read it.  It’s called The Hassle of the Hustle (aka “Job Fail.”) and you can find it on page 26 (print page 24) of the April edition.  Can you see how I linked to it twice?  That’s how much I want you to read it.


10 thoughts on “Job Fail

  1. kw06

    I always finish a Kate Moriarty article with uplifted spirits and a smile on my face. You lead us on a humorous path, with the antics of your toddlers – get dressed after eating… before you subtly change direction with serious and meaningful insights about volunteers. Love your work.

  2. Lorella D'Cruz

    Kate, I loved your article, as I do ALL your wonderfully entertaining AND instructive contributions. I’m chuffed that I too have had pieces published in the last four issues. I missed the May deadline because of family crises – we lost two members of the inner family circle within the last few weeks, one just today; and a third is awaiting test results of a serious nature while we storm heaven for a benign outcome. I have to be in the mood when I put pen to paper (or rather, go tap-tap-tapping on the keyboard); and the Muse is callously abandoning me when I need her most… In the meanwhile, I wait with bated breath to read more of the Moriarty family’s hilarious happenings. May the ‘hassle of the hustle’ yield rich dividends!

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      Oh, Lorella – I’m so sorry to hear of your losses. You should definitely treat yourself gently with so much going on. I have been excited to see your articles this year and have read each one eagerly. I had a day of struggling to write today, which was frustrating, because the kids were out all day! Too much pressure?
      Thank you for your lovely comment!

  3. Lorella D'Cruz

    Thanks Kate; you’re so kind!
    Looks like this is one of those times when you need the kids around to get the literary juices flowing. They’re your main inspiration after all 🙂

  4. Anna Eastland

    Up with a teething toddler who has woken up a handful of times and won’t let me escape…but reading of your adventures made me smile, even at 2 am! Thanks for sharing and keeping it real. My friend Fr Ashely used to joke about writing the next spiritual classic…”The Way of Imperfection.” Bet we could write that one together. 😉

      1. Anna Eastland

        Hahaha, then we can be super experts on that score! The reason, besides their hilarity, that I love your fail posts so much is because I can so relate!! 😉


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