The Year of the Novel

An empty coffee cup beside a tablet and bluetooth keyboard

The coffee was so delicious, I drank it before I remembered to take a photo…

Hi everyone. It’s 2020 and I’m full of all the optimism a new year brings.  On every day of my summer holiday, I got up early and ran to the cafe to write.  It was kind of blissful. Here’s what I’ve decided: 2020 is The Year of the Novel. I’m going to limit the number of magazine jobs I take on and instead focus on writing my book. By December, hopefully earlier, I plan to have a full manuscript to badger my friends with. I realise, this is one of those things that’s much more exciting for me than it is for the rest of the world, but it’s still VERY EXCITING. I’ve also decided to dust off my poor, neglected blog and write posts once a month. Publishers like it if you have an active online presence. A platform. See? I know all the industry-speak.

Please ask me how I’m going with this throughout the year. I need your help to keep me accountable!


4 thoughts on “The Year of the Novel

  1. Richard Jupp

    Hi Kate

    So, just asking, how is it going? Will three times a day be often enough to enquire? ;-D

    Well done on your commitment to the goal, I am humbled by such discipline (well, shamed actually; more-or-less the same thing, right?) If you have no income from magazine pieces, would you crowdfund the novel instead? Nothing to concentrate the mind quite like already having been paid! (I speak from experience :-O)

    Every blessing on your work in 2020, Kate. I’ll ask about it again at lunchtime.

  2. Meg Blair

    Perfect. All would-be novelists can now enjoy the experience vicariously! I look forward to the updates.
    And by the way…..Merry Christmas!😉


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