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Greetings from Beautiful Bells Beach

Bells at Bells BeachI thought I might send you a virtual postcard from this glorious section of paradise where we’ve been whiling away the past two weeks.

crochet bells on Bells Beach

We’ve been really spoiled for holidays this year as Mr Knightley has taken long-service leave.  Speaking of Mr Knightley, this visual gag was his idea and I was so excited by his taking an interest in my humble blog that I almost fell over myself hooking these bells up.

close up crochet bell

This pattern is different from the one I used for Nan’s Christmas Bell. These were lots of fun to make and can be whipped up really quickly.  I found them at Handcrafted’s lovely blog.

After I took these pictures, in a rather lame attempt at yarnbombing, I decided to leave the bells there to brighten someone’s day, then immediately regretted it as we were pulling out of the carpark.  A surfer had stopped to glare at the display with his hand on his hip, shaking his head in disgust.  Oh no!  I didn’t mean it!  Had I just littered?  Was I destroying the fragile ecosystem of the coastal reserve?  Would I return to find echidnas strangled by my little bells and wallabies in the last stages of wool-poisoning?  Just what is the protocol for yarnbombing anyway?

Maybe I should go back after a bit and take them down.

And bring a shovel for all the dead endangered wildlife.


So, I guess it all started when I got a hankering to make a crochet bell.  One of my favourite decorations on my mum’s Christmas tree is a little red crochet lace bell and I wanted to see if I could make one too.  So I started trawling the Internet and found this pattern and then I dug through my shamefully oversized yarn stash and came across just the right amount of cotton yarn in a lovely turquoise colour.  So what if turquoise isn’t the most christmassy colour?  I’ll dress it up with silver – ooooh, and little clear buttons – and it will look a treat.

Nan's Stash

The yarn was in my nan’s old stash (well, actually, she was Mr Knightley’s nan, but she was such a warm and loving person that I like to think of her as my nan too.  The smell of the inside of the yarn bag when I first opened it made me cry and cry).  So THEN I got an idea:  what if I made the Christmas bell with Nan’s yarn and then gave it to my mother-in-law as part of her Christmas present?  Oh!  Yes!  Where’s my hooook??

So I got stuck into it on our drive to South Australia.  I was in Robe and up to the second-last round when I dropped my 3.5mm hook under the car seat.  Ack!  It never surfaced despite much grunting and scrabbling.

At Victor Harbour, I bought a new hook in a smaller size (it needed it – the first attempt was too big and flopsy) and started from the start again.

In Glenelg, I got to the last round and ran out of yarn!  Ack!

In Adelaide, I frogged a few rounds

As we drove through Keith, Nihill, Bordertown and Horsham, I had another go with tighter stitches (and then frogged a few more rounds and tried it again)

By the time i got back to Melbourne, I had a little blue bell, ready for blocking.

In retrospect, this probably would have ben a good time to check the instructions – but I’d only printed off one page and anyway, it was all too exciting to stop and do something as sobering as looking up the pattern.  As a result, the bell turned out a little misshapen and wonky.  And lame.  And I couldn’t find a silver bell anywhere, so I had to use a gold one (pilfered off one of Christopher Robin’s kinder Christmas cards), which wasn’t as good.

Wonky Blue Bell

Which would have been fine, I would just be giving it as an add-on to the main present, a quiet aside, hardly worth mentioning really, just a small bonus gift.

Except then Mr Knightley bought a miniature Christmas tree as the main present.  “And you can hang the ornament on it.” he added, cheerfully.


If I hang the wonky bell on the Christmas tree and give the present just like that, then the wonky bell becomes the FEATURE.  It says “Look at me!  Aren’t I clever?  I made you a lopsided Christmas decoration!  With its own tree: it’s that special!”

And it’s FAR too big for the tree!  It looks ridiculous!

blue bell on tree

Oh panic: the more I look at it, the more it seems like the creation of some kinder kid looking for a gold star.  The kinder kid who’s not allowed to play with scissors…

What am I going to do??

Stay tuned for the sequel…