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Beside the Seaside

Here is a purely self-indulgent post where I revel in photos from the blissful two weeks spent at Phillip Island in a unit next-door to my mum and dad:


We did a lot of this


And this

a winning hand

In the evenings, we had epic 500 battles.  This was my hand after I picked up kitty one night.  It was so good I had to take a picture to send to Jan in Ghana.  In the end, I had to choose between throwing out an ace or a trump.  Good times.


Morning walks


Hot chips on the beach


Delicious reads

books and magazines

And this most amazing cafe:


This cafe really deserves a post all to itself, but at the rate I’m turning out pieces at the moment, it might be safest just to talk about it here…


This cafe/clothes shop/toy store is called Molly Moo + Tilly Bear and we spent many a blissful morning here.


There really were too many lovely things for my poor eyes to take in at once.



A nice problem to have, really.


Oh!  Just look at the Trivial Pursuit cards on the table!


Oh Phillip Island!  How I miss you!

Mmmm…Happy Place!

Split Point Lighthouse

Ugh.  It’s raining outside and hot and muggy inside.  Annie doesn’t want to sleep and Harry and Christopher Robin are diligently trying to destroy each other.  Today Harry found a container of leftover baked beans in the fridge and promptly opened them and delivered them to his baby sister – who loves baked beans, but more as a body lotion and shampoo than an actual foodstuff.  He waited patiently whilst I mopped the floor and gave Annie a bath (it was like baby soup!) and then tipped a cup of milk over Annie (and the freshly-mopped floor).

I REALLY want a COFFEE right now!

Time to go to my happy place.

Gorgeous Bunting

When we were on holiday in January, we stopped and had a coffee at this utterly charming teahouse in Airey’s Inlet.  It’s called Willows Tea House and is right next door to the Split Point Lighthouse.

Cafe Exterior

It was hard to take too many photos without looking like a total loony, but in the end I couldn’t help myself.

Cafe Table with bunting

Oooh!  Let’s have a closer look at that stool!


Here’s our table number:

table number painted rock

And here’s the key to the toilet (at this point, Mr Knightley politely suggested that I might, indeed, be totally bonkers):

teapot key

OK, I’m almost done, I promise!

pretty chairs

Here’s the most beautiful one of all:


O Coffee!  Sweet Coffee!  How I long for thee!

Thank you for coming to the virtual café with me.  I really think I’m feeling a little better now.  I’m just going to go back and have another look at that glorious bunting!

Greetings from Beautiful Bells Beach

Bells at Bells BeachI thought I might send you a virtual postcard from this glorious section of paradise where we’ve been whiling away the past two weeks.

crochet bells on Bells Beach

We’ve been really spoiled for holidays this year as Mr Knightley has taken long-service leave.  Speaking of Mr Knightley, this visual gag was his idea and I was so excited by his taking an interest in my humble blog that I almost fell over myself hooking these bells up.

close up crochet bell

This pattern is different from the one I used for Nan’s Christmas Bell. These were lots of fun to make and can be whipped up really quickly.  I found them at Handcrafted’s lovely blog.

After I took these pictures, in a rather lame attempt at yarnbombing, I decided to leave the bells there to brighten someone’s day, then immediately regretted it as we were pulling out of the carpark.  A surfer had stopped to glare at the display with his hand on his hip, shaking his head in disgust.  Oh no!  I didn’t mean it!  Had I just littered?  Was I destroying the fragile ecosystem of the coastal reserve?  Would I return to find echidnas strangled by my little bells and wallabies in the last stages of wool-poisoning?  Just what is the protocol for yarnbombing anyway?

Maybe I should go back after a bit and take them down.

And bring a shovel for all the dead endangered wildlife.