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The Missing Messiah


I was talking to Mum yesterday and she said that the figurine of baby Jesus from her nativity set was missing.  Indeed, the young Messiah went AWOL directly after our last visit there when Christopher Robin had been playing with the figures.  You can do without a shepherd, perhaps, but a nativity scene really doesn’t work without a baby Jesus.  He really is one of the key players.  Perhaps Christopher Robin might know where it had been deposited?

Accordingly, after Christopher Robin came in from playing in the backyard, Grandma asks “Christopher Robin, do you know where baby Jesus is?”
Christopher Robin says “yes” tremulously.  Everyone catches their breath.
“Where’s Jesus, Christopher Robin?”
Christopher Robin pats his breast solemnly, “In my heart, Grandma”

Good to know his religious instruction is having an impact.

In case you were wondering, Grandma’s Baby Jesus is still at large.