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Beside the Seaside

Here is a purely self-indulgent post where I revel in photos from the blissful two weeks spent at Phillip Island in a unit next-door to my mum and dad:


We did a lot of this


And this

a winning hand

In the evenings, we had epic 500 battles.  This was my hand after I picked up kitty one night.  It was so good I had to take a picture to send to Jan in Ghana.  In the end, I had to choose between throwing out an ace or a trump.  Good times.


Morning walks


Hot chips on the beach


Delicious reads

books and magazines

And this most amazing cafe:


This cafe really deserves a post all to itself, but at the rate I’m turning out pieces at the moment, it might be safest just to talk about it here…


This cafe/clothes shop/toy store is called Molly Moo + Tilly Bear and we spent many a blissful morning here.


There really were too many lovely things for my poor eyes to take in at once.



A nice problem to have, really.


Oh!  Just look at the Trivial Pursuit cards on the table!


Oh Phillip Island!  How I miss you!

My New Best Favourite Place

Apple Blossom

Come and have afternoon tea with me at my new favourite place.


A few weekends ago, Mr Knightley and I discovered Petty’s Orchard, a delightful piece of picturesque countryside in the middle of the suburbs (it’s tucked away in Templestowe).

Children playing on the grass

Harry and Matilda are having a game of footy.


And Christopher Robin is driving on the tractor (it was very hard for him to look away from the camera.  That boy loves to pose)

Coffee and Cake

But here’s the real reason I love this place so much!  This GF chocolate and walnut cake is amazing.  It was warm, too!


And the children keep playing, blissfully unaware of what their parents are getting up to.

children drawing

After a little while, Annie and Christopher Robin come back to the table to draw a picture, but by that stage Mr Knightley and I have destroyed all evidence.


Here is their collaborative effort.  I promised Christopher Robin I’d include it.  As a matter of fact, we’ve got to the point that Christopher Robin is constantly making creations for me to photograph and put on my blog.  If he asks you, just tell him you’ve seen them all…

blossom trees

There’s a lovely organic shop here as well.  After a long time relaxing, Mr Knightley and I somehow managed to get out of our seats and took the kids on a walk in an attempt to somehow compensate for all that cake.  I’m not sure how many calories we worked off, but we did see a bunch of kangaroos, some rainbow lorikeets and rosellas (pretty birds with bright feathers), a few rabbits and some adorable ducklings.  Ah.  Fun for the whole family.

more blossom

After my last post, dear reader, there were so many of you that I wanted to have a virtual cup of tea with, that I thought we might as well have it somewhere really nice!  Thanks for your patience during this unusually silent time.  I hope now the kids are back at school I will get back into to routine of proper blogging.  Hope to chat soon!

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