Here’s a gallery of all my daft scribbles.  They are so amateur, but they make me smile…

Hand-drawn Cartoon: An elderly lady stands in conversation with wild-hair Kate. The old lady is pointing at Kate's stomach. Kate is wearing a black dress and pearls. The old lady's speech bubble contains a picture of a baby and a question mark. Kate's speech bubble contains a picture of McDonald's fries and a full stop. Caption reads: "Awkward..."

“Pregnant Pause” from Physique Fail

Hand drawn cartoon. A wild-haired Kate is holding a saucepan and looking disconcerted: her five-year-old daughter has collapsed under the weight of her saucepan costume. Caption reads "Enid Blyton versus Newton's law or universal gravitation"

Can you tell there’s a squashed child under all those saucepans? Can you even tell they’re meant to be saucepans??

“Dress Up Day” from Book Week Fail


"The Frenzy": a cartoon depicting chaos surrounding an oblivious Kate who is writing furiously. Annie empties cornflakes onto the table, Harry is watering the television and the other two have kindled a small fire on the table and are roasting marshmallows

“The Frenzy” from Slump

Cartoon - "Kate's Big Chance"

“Kate’s Big Chance” from Fangirl Fail


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